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Prayer Movements

Prayer is the overflow of a heart filled with God’s presence.  Prayer and intercession is standing before the court of heaven and seeking the heart of the Father for people, neighborhoods, cities and regions.  It is through prayer and intercession we enter the throne room and receive God’s perspective on the enemy’s territory.  In Luke 10:19, we are reminded that every devoted follower of Jesus has the authority over all the power of the enemy.  Prayer is one of our greatest weapons against the enemy.

The same is true in spiritual warfare. Principalities and strongholds over cities, regions and governments are shaken by it. If we do not encounter opposition, then we are not disrupting the enemy’s camp. Opposition often precedes breakthrough. As a community, we want to see strategic prayer movements in every neighborhood of our city.  We believe that these strategies must be aligned from heaven’s perspective.  We want to touch the Father’s heart. We see a young generation in Butler who are starved for authentic relationships and life changing encounters with the presence of God.  They possess in them a heart full of humility and honor. 

We asked a young man on Mitchell Avenue if we could pray for the healing of his broken foot.  The young man’s response caused us to pause for a minute.  He responded in a soft-spoken voice, “Yes, if it is not too much for you.”  This young man’s humility and willingness to receive God’s presence is one of many seeds ready for harvest.  A move of God is on the horizon and it’s coming from a simple pursuit of prayer movements. 

Empowering a new generation. Releasing sons and daughters for global impact.