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Marketplace Missions

God uses every avenue of life to reach out to this world. The marketplace is no exception. God wants to use the marketplace to transform the culture. God is raising up Kingdom-minded people who understand that their professions and work are means God uses to spread His message. It is in the marketplace where devoted followers of Jesus use their professions, training and skills to disciple the unreached. The purpose of our work in the marketplace is to see every person experience life changing encounters with the presence of God.

God is also raising up business leaders and entrepreneurs who understand that business is God’s means of providing for one’s own needs and for the needs of others, and for providing funding for the Kingdom of God. Businesses can be an example of God’s character and righteousness to the world. We also believe that we are in a battle and that there are spiritual forces which resist the success of godly businesses. We believe that those forces can be overcome by strategic prayer. We want to help business leaders create an atmosphere for God’s work and presence in the marketplace.

As a family, we believe that God is apostolically realigning the marketplace. We want to develop businesses that create employment, strengthen our community economically, disciple people in the workforce and generate streams of income for the Gospel.  Some people are ordained by God to fund the Gospel.  Others are called to use their professions and labor to spread the Gospel.  We are all co-laborers of God to make disciples and release them to transform culture. 

Empowering a new generation. Releasing sons and daughters for global impact.