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CUFI on Campus

You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come” Psalm 102:13.

CUFI on Campus is a Christians United for Israel (CUFI) National Initiative and actively develops student leaders and equips them to become effective advocates for Israel on their college campus. CUFI on Campus equips and trains Christian students to become effective advocates for Israelon their campus, in their church, and in their community. Students work to raise awareness of Israel and counter anti-Semitism at their school, mobilizing their fellow students toward specific, action-based initiatives focused on the Biblical reasons to support Israel and the Jewish people.

CUFI on Campus staff educate and assist students in developing CUFI on Campus Chapters at both secular and Christian universities across the nation. As part of its educational efforts, CUFI offers hundreds of scholarships to the CUFI Summit inWashington, D.C. each July for pro-Israel Christian student leaders. This opportunity allows students to interact with Christian leaders and diplomats, as well as receive intensive advocacy training from experts inWashington, D.C.

In 2009, CUFI on Campus launched its first annual advocacy mission toIsrael. This fully subsidized, two-week trip, offered to CUFI’s most accomplished student activists, allows the leaders of the future to explore thelandofIsrael and learn the complexities of the historical conflict first-hand from top experts, governmental and military leaders in Israel.

Opportunties for Students

An excellent way for a student to become involved in CUFI on Campus is to become a Campus Liaison.  From there, student leaders work to develop a core group of pro-Israel students who are willing to host speakers and events, as well as willing to speak up for Israel on their campus.

CUFI on Campus “Leadership Dinners” provide opportunities to engage key student leaders on campus. These leaders are given a current Middle East briefing and are presented with biblical, moral and socio-political reasons forAmerica to stand united withIsrael

CUFI on Campus “Educational Seminars” are advocacy-driven, Israel-related presentations often geared toward reaching specific groups of students on campus with a pro-Israel message. Possible topics could include (1) Why Christians Support Israel; (2) A Tragic History: Christianity and the Holocaust; and (3) A New Challenge: The Arab-Israeli Conflict.

CUFI on Campus “Honor Israel” events on campus are designed to gather the Christian Community on campus in one place to make a strong statement on unified support forIsrael and the Jewish people. The Jewish community on campus is invited to these events, and often the wider community surrounding the campus participates as well.