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God is raising up sons and daughters who are the most dedicated on the face of the earth. This holy remnant will come out of a fire of affliction and shake the nations of the world. 

As a family, Jesus is our passion, desire, and pursuit.  We value His presence more than anything else. We want to be known for hearing and obeying His voice, hosting His presence and modeling His Kingdom.  We want to see a fresh fire of conviction launch people into a radical encounter with Jesus Christ right where they live and do life together. Out of this passion and pursuit for more of God, we want to see people rediscover the Father’s heart, walk in a life of repentance and holiness, live out their God-given identity as sons and daughters of His glory and co-labor with His purpose for living. 

We are not satisfied with anything less than the unquenchable fire of God’s presence in the lives, homes, schools and business within our city and region.  And we long to see everyone to experience these life changing encounters with His manifest presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  One touch of His presence can change your life and those around you, right now.  Are you ready to engage His Upper Room?  

Upper Room
Sundays @ 10 am
Wednesdays @ 7 p.m.
Fridays @ 7 pm