Extended Family

Family is a single word with many different meanings. You may have many ways of defining family and what it means to be one. For us, it is living life together intentionally in a way that honors and celebrates one another. We want others to discover their God-given purpose and to encourage them in it.  We believe that we were created to enjoy healthy, life-giving relationships with each other and God. And being part of a family is an integral part of living this life together. As with you, we have an immediate family and an extended family. And we would like you to meet some of them.

Antioch International Ministries (AIM) is a network of churches and ministries overseen by Jim and Jan Erb in New Wilmington PA. AIM provides encouragement, oversight and covering to us and many other ministries. We are committed and submitted to the apostolic leadership of Jim and Jan Erb and the AIM family.  Antioch International Ministries

Peterson Design Studio is an innovative web design and marketing company overseen by Jeff and Leigh Peterson. Jeff and Leigh Peterson carry an apostolic and prophetic anointing and passionate for entrepreneurs to impact the marketplace for the Gospel. They ministered in Grove City and Butler area for over 30 years.  Peterson Design Studio

Extended Connections

We have other relationships beyond our extended family that are important to us.  You may have similar connections in your own life. They are an essential part of our story. And we would like to share them with you.

Living for Jesus International (LFJI) is an international mission base overseen by Anthony and Deborah Fiore of Englewood FL and Patrick and Anna Rattey of Pretoria South Africa. These husband and wife teams have traveled to over 40 nations with a heart for world evangelism. Patrick and Anna Rattey are internationally renowned worship leaders and their son is a professional musician in Africa. They came to Butler for 26 days in August 2015.   Living for Jesus International

Billy Burke World Outreach (BBWO) is a ministry of compassion and powerful demonstration of God. Pastor Billy Burke was miraculously healed at the age of 9 of a terminal brain tumor by the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman in Pittsburgh PA.  Today, he travels around the world with a heart to see people healed. He hosted three miracle and healing services in Butler (Oct. 2013; June and August 2017).  No one has impacted our lives and ministry as much as this man of God.  Pastor Billy Burke is a personal friend and mentor. We are grateful to God for him.  Billy Burke World Outreach

Christians United for Israel is the largest pro-Israel grassroots organization in the United States. Christians United for Israel is the only Christian organization devoted to transforming millions of pro-Israel Christians into an educated, empowered, and effective force for Israel.  Christians United for Israel and Pastor John Hagee have been an invaluable blessing to us for many years. CUFI   JHM 

Student Church Planting Experience (SCPX) is a family of students and ministries spreading the Gospel through simple church planting and discipleship movements on campuses and beyond.  SCPX, overseen by its co-founders Erik and Jen Fish, empowers the next generation of leaders.   SCPX  

Petra International Ministries (Petra) is a ministry of life-changing God encounters overseen by Donald and Lisa Clay in Penn Hills PA. Donald and Lisa Clay and the Petra family takes great pleasure in ministering to the needs of others, serving and helping to build others.  We honor and bless the apostolic leadership of Donald and Lisa Clay and the Petra family to this region and beyond.   Petra International Ministries

Global Awakening (GW) is an apostolic network overseen by Randy and DeAnne Clark in Mechanicsburg PA. Randy and DeAnne Clark are passionate about teaching, healing and imparting the presence of God to the nations. We honor and bless the apostolic leadership of Randy and DeAnne Clark and the GW family to this state and beyond.  Global Awakening

Bethel Church is a ministry of hope-filled believers overseen by Bill and Beni Johnson in Redding CA. Bill and Beni Johnson are passionate for revival and releasing the presence of God to others. We honor and bless the apostolic leadership of Bill and Beni Johnson and the Bethel family to our nation and beyond.   Bethel Church

Joan Hunter Ministries is a ministry that trains and equips believers to take the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church and into the 4 corners of the earth. Joan’s genuine approach enables her to connect intimately with people from all walks of life.  Joan has imparted on several occasions an anointing for resources into this ministry.  Joan Hunter Ministries

PA Family Institute is a ministry to families that restores to public life the biblical, principles and values essential to society.  PA Family Institute is the only full-time, professionally staffed organization representing biblical standards in Harrisburg, the state capitol. Through its Independence Law Center, this ministry engages in the legal arena, defending the constitutional rights of citizens against challenges to life, religious freedom and the  role of family and marriage.  PA Family Institute

Alliance Defending Freedom is a global network and ministry of the best legal experts who defend religious freedom and opposes all attempts to compel people to compromise their biblical beliefs or retreat from civil and political life as the price for following their faith.  Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to protecting and preparing the church for the legal landscape for churches and their leaders.  ADF




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