Welcome Home. You may not notice it. But God is at work doing something so quietly and hidden. God is raising up sons and daughters who are the most dedicated on the face of the earth. And this holy remnant is about to shake the world. 

As a family, we want to be known for hearing and obeying God’s voice, hosting His presence and modeling a Kingdom lifestyle that invites people into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ right where they live and do life together. This can happen anywhere at any time: in houses, apartments, dorm rooms, schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, malls, neighborhoods, parks, playgrounds, backyards and more. It’s our greatest desire to see people return to repentance and holiness, walk in their God-given identity as sons and daughters and co-labor with His purpose for living.

Our mission and focus is to see a fresh burning of the Holy Spirit invade our neighborhoods and connect people to the God of the impossible. We believe signs, wonders and miracles come from intercession and worship.  And we want everyone to experience these life changing encounters with the manifest presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

One touch of His presence will change your life and those around you, right now. Here in Butler, we are the church underground.  


Simple Pursuit, by Passion
Song used by permission through licensing agreement.

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