Vision 20/20

Welcome! There’s so much more! We see a move of God in motion. The atmosphere is changing over our city and region, and it has you in mind. You were created to reign in life and influence your world. You were designed to connect with others and transform culture around you. We want to see every person experience life changing encounters with the presence of God.  One touch of this presence can change your life, right now.  

As a family, we are committed to proclaim the Gospel in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. We want to be known for hearing God’s voice, hosting His presence and modeling a life that invites people into an authentic relationship with Christ. It’s our heart’s desire to see the manifest presence of God over our region and launch people into their destiny. We want people to experience His healings, walk in His miracles and taste His goodness. 

God has the solution to every problem. And we want to see every person experience deliverance and the power to overcome adversity. Our city and region is called to touch nations. We believe that every follower of Jesus has the power to demonstrate the Gospel and it takes only a few devoted to Him to change the direction of the land.   

Empowering a new generation. Releasing sons and daughters for global impact.




Simple Pursuit, by Passion
Song used by permission through licensing agreement.

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